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The US Midterms 2018: Who Was The Winner?

It could be you ...

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POSTED BY BOB GIBBS ON 15/11/2018 @ 8:00AM

I'm not talking about the Democrats or the Republicans, but which clients, pension funds, and investment managers won in the US Midterms 2018. Does it affect your financial future?

The US Midterms 2018 will have an effect on markets around the world!

The US Midterms 2018 will have an effect on markets around the world!

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Yes, the Democrats did win Congress and Trump's Republicans did increase the majority in the Senate, but this has a measurable effect elsewhere. So, what does this mean to investors?

Well, the stock market in the USA (primarily the Dow Jones and S&P 500) surged forward 2-3% last week yet the UK stock market (primarily the FTSE100 and FTSE250) was pretty flat.

Ok, it was American politics in the headlines, but this normally affects the UK and the rest of the world too. Clearly many other factors are at play here. So, what does this mean for investors? I believe it shows that investing is as complex and diverse as ever and best left to experts.

Investors can indeed ask themselves some questions to protect themselves:

  • Am I exposed to US and UK equities?

  • If so by how much?

  • Is this balance correct?

  • What risk level does this mean I am at?

  • Should I be this risk level?

No one will argue that getting the right strategy for your investing future is very important and your overall risk plays a huge part in this planning. So, what does your plan look like?

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