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Pensions, Interest Rates and Brexit

Is your pension protected?

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POSTED BY BOB GIBBS ON 06/12/2018 @ 8:00AM

It has been incredible watching the turmoil at Westminster regarding the Prime Ministers EU Withdrawal deal. With both leavers and remainers hating it, it's certainly been an interesting 7-days for UK politics ...

Are you sure your pension is resilient in the face of Brexit?

Are you sure your pension is resilient in the face of Brexit?

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Prime Minister Theresa May has a lot on her mind at the moment, and the government has a lot to deal with. But are they still actually running the country and actively managing the economy?

One interesting development with all the Cabinet resignations is that we now have a new Secretary of State for Work and Pensions. Welcome back Amber Rudd!

Ironically, the last thing she will be focusing on now is pensions, such is the absolute chaos of Brexit. As March 29th 2019 approaches (leaving day, if you don't know), the stock market continues to be volatile, the FTSE 100 hangs below 7,000 points again at a near 2-year low and the role of the investment manager has never been so important.

But it is not the interest in Brexit, as much as interest rates that are rattling the markets. Trump wants the US Federal Reserve to lower rates, but Governor Powell looks set to raise them instead.

Our man in the UK (although he is Canadian), Mark Carney has come out to support the Prime Ministers Brexit deal, but does that mean he will hold off interest rate rises for the time being? It's all this speculation that has freaked out the markets.

So, the question remains ... what is your investment manager doing about this to protect your pension? If you're unsure whether the value of your pension is about to go up or down, then you need to speak to your financial planner to get some clarity.

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