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Is Your Pension Fund Passive Or Active?

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POSTED BY BOB GIBBS ON 03/01/2019 @ 8:00AM

Your pension fund could be located anywhere in the world and this means that it will be invested in a wide range of assets. But are they actively managed or passively managed? And does it really matter?

Are you wondering if your pension fund is actively or passively managed?

Are you wondering if your pension fund is actively or passively managed?

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Sometimes a passive pension fund can outperform an active one. As charges are likely to be lower, this means it can be a real a win-win for everyone concerned, especially you.

"An active manager would
clearly disagree!"

More often than not, an active pension fund will outperform a passively managed one purely on the basis that they are actively making decisions about where to invest your money. There is a cost to active management though and the fees vary a lot.

You can even blend active and passive, but what does this mean? The bigger question should really be "are you actively managing your pension via a financial planner such as me, or are your pension funds just sitting there?". Some people may even say that if you are not actively going forward, then you are passively going backwards.

"Would you like to know more?"

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