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Ever Heard Of The Santa Claus Rally?

It's worth knowing about ...

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POSTED BY BOB GIBBS ON 27/12/2018 @ 8:00AM

Ever heard of the Santa Claus Rally? Well, it's stock market trading lingo for a small upturn in fortunes leading to people buying shares rather than selling ...

Even Santa needs help with his pensions and investments!

Even Santa needs help with his pensions and investments!

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It does happen a lot around the festive period, mainly because people are in a better mood, they can reflect on the year gone, look forward to the year ahead and be more optimistic.

This year we are still waiting for the rally as markets have the jitters about interest rates, Brexit and when the next recession is due!

But it is true, there are better times to invest, for example before dividends are paid out rather than after, and Fridays have historically been good, but these are only a few of many trends. You can't just follow trends though as there are a LOT of factors that affect what is best and when to buy it.

The timeless phrase of "time in the market not timing the market" has never been truer than now. But even saying that, you need to be in the market in the right places to make the most of the potential growth out there.

It all adds up to a lot of expertise needed and plenty of time to study the results. Specialist investment people like analysts who are highly skilled and experienced at this.

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Merry Christmas and here's to a very prosperous 2019 for all of us.

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